Alone At Last - Deluxe Edition Signed CD

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The official re-release of my 2006 solo acoustic album - digitally remastered, with two bonus tracks, autographed.

A new acoustic version of the duet with Paul Shortino, "Singers, Hookers & Thieves," and a new remix of "Just Like Tennessee" have been added to this collection of songs from throughout my career.

"For me, Ron Keel displays a sincere and inspiring performance on Alone At Last...he shares his voice and guitar with eloquence and reverence for the song." METAL ODYSSEY


Private Lies (1
The Time Of My Life (2
Hillbilly Heavy Metal Rock N Roll Soul (3
Dreams Are Not Enough (4
Give Me All Your Love Tonight (5
Serenade (6
Haunted Saloon (7
Here Today Gone Tomorrow (8
Calm Before The Storm (9
Last Call (10
You Can Have What’s Left Of Me (11
Die Fighting (12


Singers, Hookers & Thieves (13
(acoustic version/duet with
Paul Shortino)
Just Like Tennessee (14
(acoustic version remix)