"Anything But Pink: On Becoming A Cancer Survivor" by Renée Keel with Ron Keel

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Life and love after a cancer diagnosis...

Many of you know what my wife and I have been through the past three years, as we fought and won against this dirty disease. This is the chronicle of that journey, written in our own words every step of the way. Between the lines is the story of how our bond grew even stronger, as did that of my bond with my band mates as we stuck together during that process, writing and recording the "Fight Like A Band" album.

Copies of the book are signed by both of us. It's also available in paperback and as an eBook at ReneeKeel.com.

"The book is written in an honest emotional fashion which may be triggering for some but is certainly essential to the ethos of its publication. The words of author Renée Keel are not easy to read, but they are well worth reading. Anything But Pink: On Becoming a Cancer Survivor is a powerful read for anyone who really wants to know what that journey is like."
K.C. Finn - readersfavorite.com